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Sites of Interest & Learning Links

Speaking Portuguese around the World

When you learn a foreign language, you become a citizen of the world.

Planning a Trip to Salvador

Since Salvador is the origin of so much of Brazilian culture, especially music, the site would be of interest to anyone thinking about visiting Brazil.  Take a look.

Other learning sites of Portuguese


Here is a site that presents Portuguese exercises in video format with PDF transcriptions and translations. The material is free for use by anyone.


Here is a link that in my opinion is an excellent supplemental site for learning Portuguese with Maria.

Sites for Brazilian music

Here is a online app that will boost your interest in the Portuguese language. Bossa Nova, Brazilian Jazz and more contemporary artists will guide the way. 

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro

Here is a place to begin.  I have not yet used this site for a visit to Rio.  If you use it to visit Rio, please tell me what you think

Extended Reading

Opening a newspaper in Portuguese is an excellent daily exercise even if at the beginning you have to limit yourself to the headlines.  El Paíselpais.com, has an excellent, award-winning, Brazilian edition.  The most prestigious newspaper in Brazil is: Folha de S. Paulofolha.uol.com.br.  It is a subscription site but you can read the headlines. Carta Capitalcartacapital.com.br, a weekly magazine, is always worth a look and the articles are free to read.  Of course, there are many other news and opinion sources in Brazil, Portugal, and the other Portuguese speaking countries. 

Again, why not begin your day with at least five or ten minutes of news and comment in Portuguese?